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Portal Applications

Obox Digitech love to help our clients Aligning their existing applications more closely with business needs. We understand the importance of staying up to date in the current digital space and hence we provide complete support to help you getting maximum yield out of your existing portals through modernization and make your investment worth it.

Portal Applications Services
ERP Development & Integration Services

ERP Development & Integration

Obox Digitech is serving its clients in Cloud based- cost effective, efficient and easy solutions that suit to the needs of Small Medium enterprises. Have you ever wasted your time and money by using outdated and rigid solutions? Obox Digitech provides easy plans from ERP development till implementation, in which your money and time is never at risk.
The Obox Digitech team consists of finance and accounting specialist, System Analyst, Designers, Software Engineers and Quality Assurance Engineers all with proven industry experience. Obox Digitech help in all the phases of ERP Development including Discovery & Planning, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment & Ongoing Support. Get in touch for your free consultation with the team to understand what we can deliver to serve the needs of your business.

Application Modernization

We help aligning your existing applications more closely with your business needs. We understand the importance of business needs and hence we provide complete support and services to get you maximum benefit out of your existing application.
Let’s collaborate with us for taking your existing application to the level it should be.

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Website Development & Design

Obox Digitech is distinguished in developing websites which are bespoke in its design and user interface. We pay special attention to building the finest user experience from scratch. When updating or revamping an existing website, we use tools to identify key indicators such as tracking the user clicks, comparing website areas based in visitor interest and identifying effectiveness of content before we come up with a detailed revamping plan to relaunch our clients in the digital space.

Mobile Application Development

In most cases, your business isn’t technologically up to date if you don’t have that mobile and tablet presence for your clients. Whether it’s an app to assist customers in your existing businesses, one to gain competitive edge in the market or that million-dollar tech idea that you have been sitting on, Obox Digitech is the right stop for you to bring your development and support needs. The Digitech team consists of experienced iOS and Android developers working on some of the most interesting technologies out there. Request a meeting with our developers to learn about their work and what they can do for you.

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IT computer support specialist services

Support Services

We provide 24/7 proactive support to our valued clients. We implement latest tools and live chat options which enables users a painless and quick support response.

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